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Kiltmaker: Donna Willy
Donna is devoted and passionate about the craft of Kitlmaking. All kilts are hand sewn and custom made for each client. Her extraordinary understanding of creating remarkable kilts distinguishes Donna from mass produced machine sewn 'kilts'.
Hand-made kilts are woven with 100% wool tartan. The tartan can be purchased in different weights from Scottish mills. The Dancer's weight is 10-12oz, which helps the tartan fly with the dancer. Drummers and Pipers usually wear 15-160z weight tartan. 13-14oz tartan makes nice dress kilts for evening wear and weddings.
Donna Learned her kiltmaking skills from Elsie Stuehmeyer. Elsie apprenticed for five years as a kiltmaker with Thomas Gordon and Sons in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1949. Donna took many classes from Elsie and has sat side by side next to Elsie learning the minute details for making kilts.

Donna's prestigious list of clients include pipers, drummers, drum majors, dancers, touring musicians, animators (From the movie 'Brave'), artists, actors, US Marines, US Army, US Army Special Forces, US Navy and US Airforce.

Donna has made many beautiful kilts, as well as altered many kilts made by other kiltmakers that have not fitted her clients.

Donna teaches kiltmaking at Workshops. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact her.
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Pleasanton, California
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Kilts that are always hand sewn
When my pipe students need a kilt, I recommend Donna's kilts. She takes great care in her kilting skills and her kilts fit my students wonderfully. My students look great in her kilts.

Ian Whitelaw, Profressional Master piper

Testimonial: Ian Whitelaw, Profressional Master piper